How to write a letter of resignation

If you have decided to quit the company for which you have been working till now, the letter that formally ends your association is called the letter of resignation. This letter helps in ending your relationship with the company on a positive note. It also helps in paving the path for your career ahead. Many people remain unsure about what to write in their resignation letter. Here is a complete guide on how to write a resignation letter when quitting a job.

Do not end your association on a bitter note

It is important to keep in mind that your resignation letter should be brief, simple, and to the point. You should criticize your employer or sound bitter when writing this letter. Now that you have decided to end your relations, there is no point in criticizing your employer as it can hurt your prospects in the job market. Also, who knows you might need help or recommendation of the same employer in future. Instead, you should use this opportunity to thank your employer for all the help and support you received from him. It shows you in good light and also makes your employer feel good about you.

State the facts politely

Resignation letter is used to communicate the facts. Just write that you are resigning from your role from a particular date. There is no need to cite a reason in your resignation letter as you have probably discussed the reasons earlier with your employer. Do not forget to mention the last working day in the company to make it clear from when you will stop coming to the office.

Thank the employer

The second part of your resignation letter should be used to thank your employer for the opportunity and experience that you received during your stint. You should tell how much you enjoyed and learnt with this association with the company. Remember, you may need the same employer for a reference in future. It is always a good idea to thank them for their support and help.

End the letter with a promise to fulfil your responsibilities

Finally, you should say that you are willing to perform all the pending assignments to make this transition smooth and easy for you as well as the company. It is seen as a good gesture from you when you are parting ways with the company.

It is better to be straightforward and to the point in your resignation letter. There is no need to go into the reasons behind your resignation as it will only create bitterness and sour the relationship between you and your employer. This is a small world and you never know if you might be working for the same employer again in future. Also, you might require a reference from him when seeking another job in the market. Your resignation letter is a part of your documents when applying for a job in future. Therefore, you should see to it that it shows you as a polite and professional individual.

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