Legitimate work from home jobs

Being with your own boss and enjoying flexibility and freedom with work schedule is the dream of every individual. If you hate going to an office every morning and working under a strict environment with lots of requirements, it is a good idea to work from home. Today, with advancement in technology and availability of fast speed internet, there are many legitimate jobs that you can do at your home to earn a living. Here is a list of jobs that are legitimate and also pay decently for your effort.

When looking for jobs at home, it is better to keep in mind your own expertise and experience in a given industry. This helps in getting a decent compensation for your effort.

Data entry work

This is the easiest of work that you can easily do at home provided you have a computer and internet connection. This is a manual work requiring typing and needs no special qualifications to do. You are provided text or audio files and you have to input the data into the system of the company. It is a genuine work but you need to beware of scams that are meant to cheat people by offering high salary for data entry work.

Medical and legal transcription

Internet has come as a boon for people who have the ability to understand audio files and type the conversation or information in a word file. This kind of work is available from hospitals, doctors, and legal companies as they need to store data for future reference. This is a high paying job that can be easily done at home provided you have internet and a flair for listening and typing exact conversations heard in audio files.

Freelance writing jobs

This is yet another legal and good paying work available at home. If you have a flair for writing, you can easily write articles, blogs, email newsletter, PR letter and similar writing jobs for your clients sitting at home. It allows you to work with a flexible schedule and at your own speed. You should be good in the language you have chosen to write and you should also have a good typing speed to write more and earn more.

IT related jobs

Freelancing is not restricted to writing jobs alone. You can earn attractive income by working from home if you have expertise in web designing, web development, and many other IT related jobs. You need to work according to the requirements of your clients and should be able to deliver completed projects within the deadlines asked by them.

Virtual call centres

Are you a glib talker? If yes, then you can get a job with a call centre company as a telecommuter. Having knowledge of a set of languages is a bonus for you in this field as many companies require proficiency in two languages to work for their virtual call centres. You can work from home in the given hours and respond to queries of clients of the company to earn good income on a monthly basis.

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