What is technical writing?

Technical writing is a special type of writing that is often dubbed as professional communication. It is a s kill that allows someone to present concise information about a particular subject to a targeted audience. This kind of writing has a different purpose and it contains characteristics that are not there in general kind of writing. A technical writer has the capability to gather and process technical information and then to present it in a concise and clear manner to his readers.

Technical writing is a skill that can be developed through practice

Technical writing is a valuable skill that can help an individual if he is working in a technology related company. It is also great for those working as a scientist or an engineer. Medical and legal world also pays highly for those skilled in technical writing. If you have this skill or develop it through practice, you can earn a living by simply writing technical articles for your clients as a freelancer.

Knowledge of terminology used in an industry is essential

To become a technical writer, you need to understand technical words, phrases, and sentences used in a particular industry. For example, if you wish to write technical articles for smartphone companies, you must have knowledge about all the terms that are used by manufacturers and consumers. You should know what RAM, OS, megapixels, and other smartphone related words mean. You should also have an understanding of how to use such terminology in a written document so as to explain a subject or topic to your readers.

Having knowledge about terminology used in a specific industry is just the beginning point for those who want a career in technical writing. You should be able to absorb hi-tech information and process it to produce a written document that is easily understood by your readers. In addition to this ability to absorb technical details, you should have a flair for writing so as to make your articles interesting and engaging for the readers.

You have to remain neutral and to the point

Technical writing is direct and to the point. It does not require inputs in the form of humour or anecdotes. This is because the readers are expecting concise information about a product or service that is useful for them. The style of writing in technical writing is neutral with no personal preferences or bias.

There are many industries and professions where technical writing remains in high demand. From manufacturing to services and from medical and legal world to financial world, technical writers are welcome everywhere. However, there is a misconception that technical writing is confined to engineering and IT related industries only. In fact, as technology penetrates more and more industries of the economy, technical writing becomes more important than ever before.

You have to analyze and study your target audience before starting on any technical writing project. Technical details remain the same and you only need to present them to your audience in such a manner that it becomes useful for them.

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