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How to write a letter of resignation

If you have decided to quit the company for which you have been working till now, the letter that formally ends your association is called the letter of resignation. This letter helps in ending your relationship with the company on a positive note. It also helps in paving the path for your career ahead. Many people remain unsure about what to write in their resignation letter. Here is a complete guide on how to write a resignation letter when quitting a job.

Legitimate work from home jobs

Being with your own boss and enjoying flexibility and freedom with work schedule is the dream of every individual. If you hate going to an office every morning and working under a strict environment with lots of requirements, it is a good idea to work from home. Today, with advancement in technology and availability of fast speed internet, there are many legitimate jobs that you can do at your home to earn a living. Here is a list of jobs that are legitimate and also pay decently for your effort.

When looking for jobs at home, it is better to keep in mind your own expertise and experience in a given industry. This helps in getting a decent compensation for your effort.

What is technical writing?

Technical writing is a special type of writing that is often dubbed as professional communication. It is a s kill that allows someone to present concise information about a particular subject to a targeted audience. This kind of writing has a different purpose and it contains characteristics that are not there in general kind of writing. A technical writer has the capability to gather and process technical information and then to present it in a concise and clear manner to his readers.

Technical writing is a skill that can be developed through practice

Technical writing is a valuable skill that can help an individual if he is working in a technology related company. It is also great for those working as a scientist or an engineer. Medical and legal world also pays highly for those skilled in technical writing. If you have this skill or develop it through practice, you can earn a living by simply writing technical articles for your clients as a freelancer.